Promo Tenant di Mal Lippo Cikarang

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Berikut ini list promo tenant di Mal Lippo Cikarang berlaku hingga akhir November 2014:




Panama Disc. 50%+10% (Selected item)
Poshboy Disc. Up to 80%
Original Shop Fish Eye Camera Rp 250.000
Dunkin Donuts Free 1 donut with Mandiri CC
Steak 21 Special Combo Rp 22.000 for 2 person
Samsung Disc. Up to Rp 800.000 for Samsung Galaxy
World Space Computer Disc. 10% Play Station 2
Coral 3 pcs. Sandal Rp 100.000
Simura Disc. Up to 35%
Loly Poly Hot Sale disc. 30%
Polo Ralph Laurent Disc. Up to 50%
Giordano Disc. Up to 50%
The Face Shop Trip to Korea for members
Ada Fashion Denim for disc. Up to 50%
Optik Seis Disc. 25% plus with Mandiri CC
Optik Melawai Disc. 25% plus with Mandiri CC
Oke Shop Buy iPhone 5C & 5S free speaker
Johnny Andrean Creambath + blow 2 person free 1 person
Global Buy iPhone 5C & 5S free speaker
3 Second Disc. Up to 30%
Jaco TV Buy 1 Get 1 (Selected item)
Baskin Robbins Disc. 50% for Mega Card every weekend
Zoya Disc. Upt o 20%
Silvana Computer Buy USB 8GB only Rp 57.000
Mississipi Disc. Up to 50%
K Power Disc. Up to 30%
Harika Musik Disc. Up to 30%
Pin-Q Buy 1 Get 1 Free (Selected item)
Mavie Kios Buy 2 Get 1 (Selected item)
Momo Cashback up to Rp 500.000 for Lenovo
Dan lainnya  



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