Department of Architecture Tarumanagara University’s SKETSA presents ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN WEEK 2015

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Department of Architecture Tarumanagara University’s SKETSA presents ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN WEEK 2015


Hi Y’ All! Hold your breath! Grab your goggles, get ready to dive and be amazed.
Department of Architecture Tarumanagara University’s SKETSA (our architecture magazine) is back for our 26th birthday presents:


These cool watery events will get your jaw dropped:
which we got parade, brand performance, teaser video screening, and many more for you to join in our opening, at: BATA MERAH ( in front of TECHNIC’s building Campus I Tarumanagara University)

Have an awesome tour with us to GEULIS MOUNTIN VILLA( Yori Antar Arch), THE GLASS PAVILLION ( Julio Arch & partners), SATU HOUSE (Crystalline Arch) on 25th April 2015
Just with 60k for great and accessible tour at once! *free lunch

with the theme of ” ADAPTIVE SPACE FOR RAISING WATER LEVEL” suits for those who are: Architecture, Interior Design students and Fresh Graduate Max of 1 year.
You can do it in group too, max of 3 people
5 selected designs will be displayed in SANGGAR CILIWUNG MERDEKA
We are opened for registration on 16 February – 19 April 2015
Win the prize for millions rupiah, and be there!

A part of our well training is officially opened for registration of “WATER, LIFE, and ARCHITECTURE” for you who are Interior, Architecture, and Product Design Student.
Learn from the master here for great event, great experience and great knowledge!

Dont miss a lot of youngster creations and get to our set out at: KUNINGAN CITY MALL 3rd floor, for the decent masterpieces you will ever see!

Get the talk get the splash fellow Architecture and Civil Engineering Students!
With the theme of FLOATING ARCHITECTURE and the mysterious guest star will get the spectators bloating, so don’t miss it on 23rd April, 9 AM, at Auditorium Room main Building 3rd floor, Campus 1 Tarumanagara University.

And for our last but not least we are having our CLOSING CEREMONY in KUNINGAN CITY MALL, and we are waiting for your participation in our Architectural Design Week 2015.
Join the wave and ready to sink with us!


Rundown 2015 Architectural Design Week
22 opening
23 architalk,sayembara terbuka
24 penjurian workshop
25 architectour
27 workshop
28 workshop agts
30 sayembara tertutup
6-8 pameran
9 closing

1.    Opening Ceremony
22 April 2015
Tempat: Bata Merah (depan gedung teknik), Kampus 1 Universitas Tarumanagara
Acara: Parade, Band Performance, Teaser video screening, dll.

2.    Architecture Goes to School (AGTS)
a.    Workshop
Tema: Water Architecture
28 Maret 2015
Banjar 7-1, Gedung L lantai 7, Kampus 1 Universitas Tarumanagara
Peserta: siswa-siswi SMA/sederajat
Registration fee: IDR 50K
Tim AGTS workshop terbaik akan mendapatkan tiket Architectour gratis dan sertifikat
Free snack

b.    Architectour
25 April 2015
Tempat: Geulis Mountain Villa (Yori Antar), The Glass Pavilion (Julio Architect and partners), Satu House (Crystalline Architect)
Peserta: siswa-siswi SMA/sederajat
Registration fee: IDR 60K
Free lunch

3.    Sayembara
Tema: Adaptive Space for Raising Water Level
Pendaftaran: 16 Februari – 19 Maret 2015
Penjurian terbuka: 23 April 2015 di Galeri Lawang, Gedung L lantai 8, Kampus 1 Universitas Tarumanagara
Penjurian tertutup: 30 April 2015 di Sanggar Ciliwung Merdeka, Tebet, Jakarta Selatan
Peserta: mahasiswa arsitektur atau desain interior/fresh graduate maks. 1 tahun setelah wisuda (individual/team consists of max. 3 people)
Registration fee: IDR 120K per orang
Juri: Patrick Lim, Eko Prawoto, Ariel Shepperd

4.    Workshop
Tema: Water,  Life, and Architecture
Pembimbingan dan perancangan: 16-23 April 2015, 09.00-16.00, di Ruang Kaca, Gedung M lantai 7, Kampus 1 Universitas Tarumanagara
Penjurian/Review: 24 April 2015
Pembuatan Prototype Detail: 27 April – 1 Mei 2015, 10.00-15.00, di Gedung L, Kampus 1 Universitas Tarumanagara
Peserta: mahasiswa arsitektur, desain interior, atau desain produk. Satu tim terdiri dari 3-5 orang
Registration fee: IDR 150K per orang

5.    Pameran
Tema: Water in Urbanism
6-9 Mei 2015
Tempat: Kuningan City lantai 3, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan
Menampilkan: karya-karya mahasiswa arsitektur dan alumni Universitas Tarumanagara, karya-karya arsitek profesional, hasil karya pemenang Workshop ADW 2015 dan Sayembara ADW 2015, dll.

6.    Architalk
Tema: Floating Architecture
23 April 2015
Tempat: Main Auditorium, Gedung Utama lantai 3, Kampus 1 Universitas Tarumanagara
Pembicara: Daliana Suryawinata, Budi Pradono (konfirmasi), dll. (konfirmasi)
Moderator: Imma Sofi Anindyta
a.    Early bird: IDR 50K (40 seats pertama)
b.    Night owl: IDR 60K
c.    On the spot: IDR 65K
Free lunch dan sertifikat

7.    Closing Ceremony
9 Mei 2015
Kuningan City lantai 3, Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan

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